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About Nilakantasrinivasan J (Neil)

Nilakantasrinivasan J “Neil” (born 1974) is an Indian author, consultant and guide, focused on the subject of client centricity, client centric business growth strategies & business transformation.

Nilakantasrinivasan J (Neil) is the author of 3 books, "The Client Centric Protagonist", "The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification" & "A Little Book for Customer Experience".He is founded of Canopus Business Management Group ( in 2009.His clientele includes Fortune 100 companies in B2B sectors such as BFSI, Industrial & Manufacturing, Technology & Telecom, IT & ITES, and Services. They engage him for their most important business priorities of achieving consistent business growth using client centric strategies and to bring in renewed focus on client centricity, data based mindset and digital transformation.

As a consultant, facilitator and guide, he thoroughly analyzes facts & data, conducts client research and provides deep insights on value generation, enhancement & leakages. He facilitates leaders to strategize, develop action-oriented plans & execute them.Nilakantasrinivasan J, is credited with :

  • Value creation of hard improvements of over $20 Mn

  • Set up & led CX, business transformation, quality & productivity programs for HSBC India across BUs

  • Repertoire to navigate in cross-culture & C-suite to cultivate buy-in

  • Large team management & multi-BU stakeholder management experience in MNCs

Neil is a certified six sigma master black belt and is among the top quality practitioners in India.Being a highly rated global instructor, he has positively touched the life of over 150,000 professionals through his training, mentoring, and coaching engagements in offline & online formats. He regularly conducts public and in-house master-class & workshops in Dubai, UK, US, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh & India. He also offers highly affordable ready to serve digital courses.

Books by Nilakantasrinivasan J (Neil)

The Client Centric Protagonist

The Client Centric Protagonist

A narrative with success secrets to client centric transformation.

  • How can I, as an individual, become more client-focused?

  • How can we, as a company, foster client-centered transformation and culture?

  • If you are looking for answers to the two questions mentioned above, then this is your book.

The author of this book, The Client Centric Protagonist, has presented the answers as a story of Parth, an Indian Army veteran who joins a specialty chemicals company called SPKEM as an account manager. Without the requisite domain knowledge, will he steer himself and his organization from a brewing storm?

  • Format : Paperback 6′ x 9′ and Kindle

  • Pages : 106

  • ISBN : 979-8887331621 & 979-8836697846

  • Buy on Amazon (India & International delivery)

A Little Book on Customer Experience

A Little Book on Customer Experience

A Collection of 150 Quotations on Customer Experience

A Little Book on Customer Experience, a book authored by Nilakantasrinivasan J (Neil), is a little book that pulls together some of the best aphorisms of leading Customer Experience (CX) experts and leaders, in general, taken from different sources with commentaries from the Author.First edition of this book was released in 2017 and since then, it has made it to the desk tops of many CXOs.Isn’t a quotation on customer a great way to start a conversation or speech?With over 150 quotes, this is indeed a large collection of best quotations for any customer centricity, customer service, business development, marketing professional.

  • Format : Paperback 6′ x 9′ (Int) and Paperback A6 (India)

  • Pages : 106 (Int) and 168 (India)

  • ISBN : 979-8867519124 & 978-93-5268-574-5

  • Buy on Amazon for International delivery and Direct for India delivery

The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

CSSGB Comprehensive Study Guide for Certification Exams and Job Interviews

The Master Book for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, a book authored by Nilakantasrinivasan, is a comprehensive resource book on Lean Six Sigma that covers all the necessary topics that a CSSGB needs to know. It is drawn based on universal curriculum that maps to both ASQ & IASSC Body of Knowledge.If you have to clear exams, you should have crystal clear understanding of all the concepts and you should know to paraphrase it in the right way. This book is structured in the form of subjective Q&A.The book is available internationally in Amazon as a 3 book series (104, 99, 79 Pgs resp.) and in India as a single book(247 Pgs).

  • Format : Paperback A4, Kindle & E-book

  • Pages : 106 (Int) and 168 (India)

  • International Ed ISBN : 978-1980211129, 978-1980337256 and 978-1980337256

  • India Ed ISBN : 979-8887495804

  • Buy on Amazon for International delivery and India delivery

“You succeed when your client succeeds”

- Nilakantasrinivasan J

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